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Kansas: Kansas Carries On

Thirty-five years since their self-titled debut album was released, Kansas is still gaining popularity. Featured on Guitar Hero II and Rock Band II, the band has reached the ears of a new generation. Now celebr...
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Tim Barry: Dear Journal

Writing lyrics based off his journal entries of hitch hiking and hopping freight trains, Tim Barry has made a living off of the simple things in life. Whether he’s playing on a cinderblock barefoot or entertai...
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Railroad Earth: Time For A Train Ride

Railroad Earth takes Americana music and makes it their own. Even with a bluegrass inspired sound, this band makes use of drums and amplifiers that are almost never used in the bluegrass world. This jam band, w...
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Sonos: A’could You Repeat That?

Every since a’cappella group DeCadence put “Bitches Ain’t Shit” on YouTube, it seems the Southern California academic a’cappella scene has seen some commercial appeal. Hence, Sonos, who will be performing at th...
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Om + Naam: Nom Nom Nom

Naam do not just pray at the altar of early metal legends like Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath, one listen to their forthcoming record titled Kingdom and you’d think the Brooklyn psychedelic rockers were nursed o...
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