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Jonas Sees In Color: My Name Is Jonas

Whether we need any more sensitive boy songwriters or bands with the name Jonas in them is still up for debate, but as long as the teenage girls of the world demand it, there will always be a market for the you...
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BuzzUniverse: Blast Off Grooves

With their fusion of jazz, Latin, and blues, Elizabeth natives BuzzUniverse gets rid of the five-minute jam band guitar solos and replace them with a resonating horn section. Having played festivals and clubs a...
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17 Hippies: Berlin’s Hippest

If you’re in the mood for an enormous acoustic folk band full of talented yet over-the-top European musicians, look no further than Berlin’s 17 Hippies. This band involves pretty much every instrument you can t...
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Hatebreed: Brass Knuckleheads

With their signature wrathful crunchy guitars, Hatebreed has laid the foundation for fusing new hardcore with their old NYC roots and a hint of metal. They’ve become a staple in the hardcore scene, meaning you’...
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Golden Bloom: In Bloom

Every once in a while a band comes out whose music sounds a great deal like its name and the warm, mellow and rich tone of New York City’s own Golden Bloom fit their name perfectly. Fronted by multi-talente...
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Adrian Belew: A True Virtuoso

Having played guitar for Frank Zappa, King Crimson, David Bowie, and recorded with hundreds of artists (Talking Heads, NIN, Paul Simon) while having a successful solo career, you would think that Adrian Belew w...
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