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Hatebreed: Brass Knuckleheads

With their signature wrathful crunchy guitars, Hatebreed has laid the foundation for fusing new hardcore with their old NYC roots and a hint of metal. They’ve become a staple in the hardcore scene, meaning you’...
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Golden Bloom: In Bloom

Every once in a while a band comes out whose music sounds a great deal like its name and the warm, mellow and rich tone of New York City’s own Golden Bloom fit their name perfectly. Fronted by multi-talente...
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Adrian Belew: A True Virtuoso

Having played guitar for Frank Zappa, King Crimson, David Bowie, and recorded with hundreds of artists (Talking Heads, NIN, Paul Simon) while having a successful solo career, you would think that Adrian Belew w...
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Jeremy Davenport: Jazz And More

Having to split his time between New York and New Orleans is not slowing down highly praised NOLA jazz musician and entertainer, Jeremy Davenport at all. He has just released his fourth album, We’ll Dance ‘Til ...
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None More Black: Hometown Punk

Jersey punk outfit None More Black took their name from a line in This Is Spinal Tap, and, at times, their career has seemed like it was borrowed from a music documentary. With internal drama and personal probl...
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Amy Speace: She’s A Killer

The release of her latest album, The Killer In Me, shows that New York-based folk rocker Amy Speace has taken a dive into deeper, more emotionally-driven music. She has been quoted saying that she writes the th...
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