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Official Amp Of Approval

We all know that it’s not the guitar that matters, but the person playing. But what guitarist out there doesn’t love obsessing over the latest in high-tech, shiny, glowing, futuristic-looking gear? Feel free to...
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Iron Maiden Flight 666

Never letting a camera go backstage before, legendary British rockers Iron Maiden are finally letting fans take a peek at their super rock stardom lifestyle. The worldwide release of the full length documentary...
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Catch A Red Fly/Blue Bottle

Let’s imagine that you have just found out that your companion has gone off to fight in a secret war for reasons that you are not privy to and has left you all alone with only an elderly entomologist for compan...
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The Paper Jets: Origami Rock

Much like real jet planes, The Paper Jets soar through the air, creating a loud, booming noise in the process. Their music, however, is much less airborne, hopping easily from airy acoustic pop to driving rock....
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Fiction Plane: Buckle Up, Flyers

Fiction Plane is famous for their single “It’s A Lie” and its Risky Business-influenced video, complete with the famous dancing scene. They’ve played their U2-like alt-rock all around the world. Plus, their sin...
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