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Sarah Jaffe: Crash Landing

Multi-talented Sarah Jaffe can sing, play bass, and take you on an ethereal ride. Since the release of Don’t Disconnect last August, she’s been preparing for the delivery of a new EP, Visions. Guess she can als...
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Matthew Curry: New Classic

He may be from Normal, IL but there’s nothing even slightly mediocre about Matthew Curry. Sure, he’s toured with the Steve Miller Band and already has a serious following. What’s especially rare about Curry is ...
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Animal Years: Meet Me Back Home

Rising from the solo effort of Mike McFadden, Animal Years has evolved into a trio. McFadden welcomed bassist Anthony Saladino and drummer Anthony Spinnato to the team to obtain depth in their sound, an essenti...
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Tei Shi: Green M&Ms

Musical It-Girl Tei Shi is embarking on a series of live performance dates coinciding with the release of her latest EP, Verde. Her previous release, Saudade, was met with plenty of positive reaction leading up...
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