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Pam Steebler: Giving In

Brooklyn-based musician Pam Steebler will be releasing her debut EP, Give In, this week. The pop vocalist cites rock and roll legends such as Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones along with pop powerhouses such as ...
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Amen Dunes: No Longer Lonely

Although Amen Dunes was originally a solo project of Damon McMahon, the group currently consists of Jordi Wheeler and Parker Kindred. Together, they released Love, which unlike the short and one-man effort of p...
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Misery Kills: Eyes Wide Open

New York's own Misery Kills are set to release their upcoming album, My Ugly Insides. The metal/hardcore quintet formerly united to create diehard music. Misery Kills provide powerful tunes with intense and not...
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Lisa Fischer: Coming Back Again

Pure talent doesn’t diminish with time, and Grammy Award-winning artist Lisa Fischer proves just that. Fischer has continued to flourish since winning the 1991 Grammy Award for Best Female R&B Performance f...
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