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A Boy At Play: Colin Hay

Born in Scotland, raised in Australia, Colin Hay, 63, fronted Men At Work in the ‘80s to massive success but quit being a man at work when he became a California boy at play in the ‘90s. That’s when his solo wo...
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Night Song on NYE: Savoir Adore

Pop-rock duo Savoir Adore have a lot to be celebrating in 2016. They released their first full-length in four years, The Love That Remains, and a new lineup. Lauren Zetter, previously of Panama Wedding, replace...
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Holidelic: Miracle On 134th Street

Everett Bradley, most well known for his work with E Street Band and Bon Jovi, will be returning this December with Holidelic. Holidelic is a holiday show that Bradley has been putting together every holiday se...
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