Charlie Mingus: East Coasting

Opening with a three-a.m. walk down a city street with a particular lonely take on the standard “Memories Of You,” this reissue of one of Mingus’ less acclaimed releases instantly shows its superior mastering quality— aiding the dynamic sections without feeling the need to compress.There is still a rawness and …

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Nine Black Alps: Nine Black Alps EP

They’re from Manchester, they have guitars and raw production, they have to suck, right? It’s a pretty mathematical formula, and one which Nine Black Alps (who take their name from a Sylvia Plath line) are only too happy to defy.

Rather than sit comfortably on their asses, creatively speaking, Nine …

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Clutch: Robot Hive/Exodus

Really, this could be a three-word review. For anyone who has ever heard them, or experienced their live show, all I’d really have to say here is “Dude, it’s Clutch,” and it would justify their being Disc Of The Week.

Robot Hive/Exodus is the latest in Clutch’s long string of …

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MC Chris: Eating’s Not Cheating

A work of pure pleasure, MC Chris’ Eating’s Not Cheating is equal parts white-boy rap send-up and geeky chic over Nintendo-style beats. It reeks of flavor-of-the-month hype, but there’s a difference between MC Chris and the veritable legion of one-hit wonders: he knows how silly this is.

The longtime Adult …

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Isis: Oceanic: Remixes/Reinterpretations

Isis have seemingly created a genre all to themselves—lush instrumental soundscapes punctuated by bellowing vocals. But, to try and rigidly define their textural sound by any amalgam or arrangement of letters and words can lead to nothing but frustration, so to spare myself and the reader my literary shortcomings, let’s …

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Team Sleep: Team Sleep

Deftones singer Chino Moreno’s long delayed side project with a colorful cast of acquaintances, Team Sleep’s peaceful and soothing self-titled debut on Maverick gives off the same vibe as a Sade record as Moreno and crew croon over deep beats, honeyed guitar work and engaging atmospherics.

Featuring Zach of Hella …

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Copeland: In Motion

Atlanta’s Copeland are the perfect band. Polite and nice guys who ended up making some of the best music the emo and indie community has seen in quite awhile. Their fans are far from the typical “emo kids.” Their live shows are still intimate and far better than most, despite …

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Corrosion of Conformity: In the Arms of God

After a few years of downtime, Corrosion Of Conformity return to their classic down and dirty sound with In The Arms Of God, which will, I predict, stand as one of their most accomplished releases as well as one of the best hard rock albums of the year.

Their …

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Beck: Guero

This one’s a no brainer. Beck’s eclectic and eccentric sound is perhaps the most lasting of the post-grunge pop revelations and on his latest, Guero, he’s in full swing with his trademark post-apocalyptic white boy rhymes and stylish beats supplied by longtime collaborators The Dust Brothers.

The album starts …

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Queens Of The Stone Age: Lullabies To Paralyze

Sure to find its way onto many a critic’s Top 10 list this year, Lullabies To Paralyze, the latest offering from Josh Homme’s main gig, Queens Of The Stone Age, is nearly impossible to discuss without mentioning the line-up changes from their 2002 breakthrough Songs For The Deaf.…

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