Unearth Noise: Sacred Excavations

Roger Berkowitz, also known as Unearth Noise, has been known to create almost entirely instrumental songs about nature and the distant parts of the universe. Everything on the album was written and performed by him, which gives a sense of continuity to the release. Each track contains spacey sounds, some …

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Illustrations: In Vain

When San Antonio-based hardcore band Illustrations released their debut record, In Vain, digitally last year, they planned to keep it a Bandcamp exclusive. However, soon the album gained a vast amount of attention from musicians in the hardcore scene and fans alike, leading the group to turn it into …

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Nina Persson: Animal Heart

Animal Heart is the first solo LP by Nina Persson, best known as lead vocalist and lyricist for Swedish indie pop band The Cardigans.

The album opens with “Animal Heart,” a track that has a sort of ‘80s post-disco new wave vibe, with a driving dance rhythm that lays the …

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Quimby Mountain Band: Quimby Mountain Band

Quimby Mountain Band’s self-titled third album demonstrates the depth their music holds, and each song has its own story to tell. Several of the band members contributed lyrics for the CD, and this creates a blend of musical styles that boasts individual personality in each tune while seamlessly tying the …

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Sleepers Work: No Turn Before The Shoreline

No Turn Before The Shoreline is definitely an interesting album, as each song is mainly instrumental and composed of random noises looped together and backing each other. William Flynn, the multi-instrumentalist known as Sleepers Work, has been collecting noises for years, and has taken them from his own library to …

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HeadShy: La Belle Epoque

The members of Austin-based band HeadShy have an affinity for the way sound and smell interact with each other, and have carefully crafted their debut full-length around that idea. La Belle Epoque is a set of three sections, each one named The Head Chord, The Heart Chord, and …

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Blank Realm: Grassed In

A Brisbane quartet comprised of three siblings and a friend, Blank Realm have created their third album after 2010’s Deja What and 2012’s Go Easy. They are part of the underground rock movement that has been flourishing Down Under recently, and the group has been experimenting with their sound …

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Mike Mains & The Branches: Everything

A sound that straddles the line somewhere between Cold War Kids and The Boxer Rebellion, and a combination of attitude and light-heartedness on an EP that leaves you hungry for more, Mike Mains & The Branches are certainly doing something right. With their latest EP, Everything, acting as a …

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Dave Stewart: Lucky Numbers

As he was previously half of The Eurythmics, Dave Stewart’s solo music is just as eclectic. He achieved great success with the group, but once they broke up, he struggled as part of Superheavy and The Tourists. The most recent album leans more toward folk and country than new wave, …

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Crushed Stars: Farewell Young Lovers

At the end of the 1990s, after deciding that there needed to be a delicate and melodic antidote to the loud grunge music of the time, Crushed Stars was formed. Led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Todd Gautreau, the band has released three previous albums, with the last being 2007’s Gossamer

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