Polaris Rose: Telescopes

Polaris Rose is a duo made up of musicians Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse. The band is based in Los Angeles, where they have made a stir on the music scene with two EPs, The Moon And Its Secrets and OceanSongs. A year after the alternative rock act released …

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Tall Tall Trees: The Seasonal

Tall Tall Trees is Mike Savino, a banjo player and singer from NYC. Savino is quite self-reliant; his first two albums were released on his own label, Good Neighbor Records, and he is known for putting on an innovative one-man show with the use of looping machines and effects. Two …

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Periphery: Juggernaut: Omega

Sharing the same day for a dual release with their album Juggernaut: Alpha, Periphery also created the seven-track Juggernaut: Omega. While Juggernaut: Alpha has a multitude of sounds and styles, Juggernaut: Omega has a very serious and heavy tone throughout its songs. Periphery’s musical variation is commendable, especially …

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Periphery: Juggernaut: Alpha

Washington progressive metal band Periphery have steered clear of following in traditional footsteps on their album Juggernaut: Alpha. The group of six have utilized their trio of guitarists to help create their rousing sounds. Frontman Spencer Sotelo’s vocals have great range that suit the group’s overall musical style. Guitarists …

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These Are They: At The Feast Of Seven Funerals

Born from the legendary Novembers Doom, These Are They formed in 2008 when vocalist Paul Kuhr and ex-guitarist Steve Nicholson got together to jam. They added Earthen guitarist and bassist Michael LeGros and Wiley Wells, respectively, and drummer Evan Berry, who would later be replaced by Tony Bettenhausen. At The

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Modern Suits: Every Light

Those who were previously unaware of the talented rock band, Modern Suits, are bound to remember their name with the release of their latest album, Every Light. In their newest release since their 2012 record, Promises, the four-member rock outfit, hailing from Philadelphia, are guaranteed to please. Their …

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Vogue: Sahara 12″

Germany’s Anna Logue Records is one of the better labels out there today reissuing lost synthpop classics from the ’80s. Among the best of their 2014 releases is Vogue’s Sahara 12”. An American group formed by Aret Madilian, Vogue only released this one extremely rare and collectible single in …

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Unearth: Watchers Of Rule

Legendary metalcore band Unearth have returned with their sixth studio release, Watchers Of Rule, and in true Unearth fashion, it is a fast-paced, abrasive romp. With blast beats like Pantera, guitar runs like Lamb Of God, and vocals akin to the various frontmen of Shai Hulud, Watchers Of Rule

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Gang Of Four: What Happens Next

Trailblazing rock band Gang Of Four continue to create music almost 40 years since their inception. Despite their history being lined with breaks and alterations in lineup, they have been active since their 2004 revival. The current group has been together since 2012 when current lead vocalist John Sterry was …

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Paperhaus: Paperhaus

If music is art, then Paperhaus are artists, their brushes composed of guitar and bass, and pens made of drum and vocals. They paint and draw sonic landscapes that project scenes of wonder, confusion, and awe onto the back of the listener’s mind. This Washington D.C. trio haven’t just entered …

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