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Aesop Rock @ Irving Plaza

NEW YORK, NY—Definitive Jux must be on top of the world right now. When the label started out in 1999 as the newest fish in the relatively obscure pond of underground hip hop, it didn’t seem likely that their r...
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Clutch @ Bowery Ballroom

NEW YORK, NY—I was trying to make my way to The Bowery Ballroom to catch what would have been a kick ass show, had I seen the whole thing, and to start Labor Day weekend off with a bang. I blame the Holland ...
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Def Leppard @ PNC Bank Arts Center

On a murky summer night Foreigner opened up this triple bill with their memorable hit “Doublevision.” Current singer Kelly Hansen, was more than able to belt out some of the group’s best all-time hits. His rang...
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The National @ South Street Seaport

NEW YORK, NY—New York’s River to River Festival hosted up-and-comers The National on a drizzly Friday night to a huge crowd of clean-cut hipsters. You can no longer consider yourself hip, nor the possessor o...
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Family Values @ PNC Bank Arts Center

It’s kind of ironic that they call it the “Family Values Tour” since that famous four letter “F” word (you know what I fucking mean) was just as much a part of the tour as any other headlining act of the day. A...
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