Keller Williams @ Nokia Theatre

The aroma of burning marijuana and hippie decadence descended upon New York’s Times Square as Keller Williams pitched a tent at the Nokia Theatre fresh off the heels of the release of his 11th studio album, dream, on SCI Fidelity last month.

Emerging into the spotlight over soul jazz …

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This Is Hell @ Fast Lane

As far as I’m concerned, the best place in Jersey to have a show is in Asbury Park, considering all the historic venues off of Kingsley St., like The Stone Pony and Asbury Park Convention Hall. That being said, hanging out at The Fast Lane right on the shore in …

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Rockstar Supernova @ Spectrum

The Rockstar Supernova tour has begun and so far there is a lot of positive buzz surrounding it. The band got their singer Lukas Rossi from the television show and their opening acts were also from the show.

Fans of pop have the American Idol tour, but this tour has …

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Pilot Speed @ Webster Hall

Warning: Pilot Speed’s record will cause you to develop behaviors symptomatic of OCD, more specifically, you will be overwhelmed by the urge to repeatedly press play after each listen. The record is Into The West [Wind-Up Records], and the band responsible for it is Pilot Speed. The four-piece is …

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Hatebreed @ Toad’s Place

The annual metal and hardcore Stillborn Festival closed out the year at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT, on Dec. 31.

The lineup included Crowns Of Kings, Signs Of Hope, Dead By Wednesday, Bateman, The Distance, Glassjaw and New Haven’s hometown hardcore heroes Hatebreed.

Billed as the reunion of New …

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Twisted Sister @ Starland Ballroom

SAYREVILLE, NJ—The holidays are often an extremely stressful time of year, twisting and distorting everything out of proportion, from bank accounts to digestive tracts and the list goes on, ad nauseum.

However, Twisted Sister provided a much needed antidote for those holiday blues and blahs. After 30 years of trials, …

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Converge @ School Of Rock

As a writer and reviewer, my job is to get the reader to play into the feelings and visions that I took away from the subject matter at the time of inception. Therefore, to start things off in my eyes, I’m currently a passenger to a vehicle that’s about to …

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Jet @ Starland Ballroom

With Starland Ballroom packed almost to capacity a quartet of Australian boozers emerged from a swinging doorway leading from the backstage lounge and made a short walk down a dark corridor with the flashlights of the stage crew serving as the only light guiding their way.

At around 9:45 p.m. …

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Chris Batten & The Woods @ The Court Tavern

With the bulk of New Jersey’s music community attending the annual Asbury Music Awards, another outstanding nominee whose musical endeavors and contributions have earned significant mention was about to perform—Chris Batten & The Woods.

With his long hair loosely spilling out of a classic derby hat and sporting a vintage …

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Tenacious D @ Virgin Records In-Store

Tenacious D took on Virgin Records in Union Square (where rumors have been flying that it too, like Tower Records in the Village, might also be closing) in an in-store appearance in support of their latest film and soundtrack release The Pick Of Destiny. Entering the record store like …

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