Messer für Frau Müller: Triangle, Dot & Devil

An affair of overloaded minimalism, Triangle, Dot & Devil is an instrumental work from the duo of Oleg Kostrow and Oleg Gitarkin. Drum machines, synths, guitar and bass are employed for a slightly updated, jazzy dance sound reminiscent of antebellum hedonism and flappers.

It’s fairly quirky and, on a whole, …

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Rob Thomas & Jewel @ PNC Bank Arts Center

HOLMDEL, NJ—When a band can make something extraordinary out of their songs onstage and they become above and beyond their original intention, that’s an achievement. Only few bands can truly do it well. Matchbox Twenty was one of them. Rob Thomas’ solo band is filled with strong musicians, but they …

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Moogfest @ BB King’s

NEW YORK, NY—B.B. King’s once again played host to Moogfest the annual festival that honors the inventor and godfather of electronic music Robert Moog (1937-2005) and the revolutionary analog synthesizer that bears his name. This year’s lineup included prog rock legend Keith Emerson, jazz-rock legend Jan Hammer, Mahavishnu Project, Roger …

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Radiohead @ Theater at MSG

Radiohead bass player Colin Greenwood told Rolling Stone that last Christmas the band decided to go on tour to try out their new songs “because otherwise we feared we would just go mad in Oxford.” Thankfully, the band managed to escape their hometown ennui and came to New York for …

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Strapping Young Lad: The New Black

SYL frontman Devin Townsend has made public his intention to take a break from making albums following the touring cycle for The New Black. It’s not unreasonable, given the body of work he’s amassed over the last several years. Between Strapping, the Devin Townsend Band, his production work and …

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Plaid & Bob Jaroc: Greedy Baby

A collaborative audio-visual effort, Greedy Baby is a new work from electronica duo Plaid and video artist Bob Jaroc. As a CD/DVD set, the work is not entirely tied to its visual content, but it’s unjust to discuss the audio without the visual and vice versa.

Beginning with the introductory …

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Artimus Pyledriver: Artimus Pyledriver

The balls-out, whiskey saturated southern style of Atlanta’s Artimus Pyledriver will no doubt be too abrasive for some, but if it were any other way, it wouldn’t work half as well as it does on their self-titled DRT debut. The faint of heart should have a wine cooler and check …

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Zombi: Surface to Air

It’s difficult to imagine a two-piece sounding “epic.” But Zombi, comprised of bassist/synthist Steve Moore and drummer/synthist A.E. Paterra, are capable of producing harmonies on par with small symphonies with relative ease.

To qualify: All this might seem a little easy now, with computers doing the grunt work. But Zombi …

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David Gilmour @ Radio City

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour took on the sold-out crowd at Radio City for the second night of his North American tour lobbing bouts of lightweight pop at the crowd at first, then steamrolling it with a second set of cosmic rock from planet x

Backed by a killer backup …

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Gregor Samsa: 55:12

Named after its length, Gregor Samsa’s ambient, atmospheric 55:12 is much more than the simple assemblage of minutes and seconds. These songs are woven carefully and full of fine subtleties that unfold with caution, but at the same time display a clear creative confidence that infuses even the quietest with …

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