Gabby La La @ Joe’s Pub

A Monday night in the swirling urban banality of NYC, the air cool but not cold easing its way through the end of April, and I, marching into a packed Joe’s Pub, wondering what happened to all the smoke in this lounge, daddy-o?

Les Claypool protege Gabby La La is …

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Team Sleep: Team Sleep

Deftones singer Chino Moreno’s long delayed side project with a colorful cast of acquaintances, Team Sleep’s peaceful and soothing self-titled debut on Maverick gives off the same vibe as a Sade record as Moreno and crew croon over deep beats, honeyed guitar work and engaging atmospherics.

Featuring Zach of Hella …

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Green Day @ Taj Mahal

Green Day is one of the most successful Punk Rock bands of all-time and this concert shows that after 16 years they still have it. They are 100 percent pure adrenaline yet they continually thanked the crowd for showing up as if they still play in some empty concert halls.…

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Duran Duran @ Borgata Hotel

Duran Duran was a wildly popular British band of the ’80s that made danceable rock tunes that were very memorable. In the MTV era their videos were always on the cutting edge and the band was always interested in their image while maintaining substance.

Duran Duran bashers will say that …

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Copeland: In Motion

Atlanta’s Copeland are the perfect band. Polite and nice guys who ended up making some of the best music the emo and indie community has seen in quite awhile. Their fans are far from the typical “emo kids.” Their live shows are still intimate and far better than most, despite …

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Reggie And The Full Effect @ Webster Hall

Webster Hall had more bunny costumes than a shopping mall on this Easter weekend. Although the show featured two acts that are known for their cult-like following, I wasn’t sure if I was at a Halloween costume ball, a freak-show or an emo-rock concert.

My visions of what character Reggie …

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Corrosion of Conformity: In the Arms of God

After a few years of downtime, Corrosion Of Conformity return to their classic down and dirty sound with In The Arms Of God, which will, I predict, stand as one of their most accomplished releases as well as one of the best hard rock albums of the year.

Their …

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Shonen Knife @ Maxwell’s

Just when things were looking pretty bleak—the President speaks, the Pope doesn’t, there’s no place to park in Hoboken—Shonen Knife bounced into town and made everything right with the world.

Not looking or sounding much different from nearly two decades past, this cheery trio performed their musical magic onstage at …

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Beck: Guero

This one’s a no brainer. Beck’s eclectic and eccentric sound is perhaps the most lasting of the post-grunge pop revelations and on his latest, Guero, he’s in full swing with his trademark post-apocalyptic white boy rhymes and stylish beats supplied by longtime collaborators The Dust Brothers.

The album starts …

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Flogging Molly @ Spirit Center

Envisioning all manner of ghastly scenarios—heavy traffic, no parking, missing tickets, late starts—there was little urgency to arrive at Spirit by 8 p.m. Unfortunately, traffic, parking, tickets and timing all aligned and the Riverboat Gamblers were basking in the afterglow when I arrived. Buzz was they were really good and …

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