Reigning Sound: Shattered

Reigning Sound released Shattered, their follow-up to 2009’s Love And Curses, back in July. However, Shattered feels more like a late August/early September record, like something I’d rock out to on the first day of school. It’s still got the carefree, mellow nature of summer in its sound, …

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Robert Hunter @ City Winery

MANHATTAN, NY—On “Ripple,” Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter sang, “Let there be songs to fill the air,” and so he did at the City Winery where he added a creaky, folksy edge to a catalogue of tunes that have stood the test of time and weathered through the ages like …

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Katy Perry @ Madison Square Garden

MANHATTAN, NY—From teenage gospel singer to 29-year-old pop sensation, Katy Perry brought her Prismatic tour to Madison Square Garden on July 9.

Katy’s shows are known for her creative stage themes. After getting your ticket checked, you’re given glasses for a part in the show where rainbows are visible as …

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In The Valley Below: The Belt

For L.A. duo In The Valley Below, getting emotional is not contradictory to a stylish and glamorous sound. In fact, the band combines the two vividly to formulate a record that is equal parts sentimental and danceable, and where neither obstructs the other, but rather flow together in the same …

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Zak Smith: Signs Of Life

Zak Smith has had no problem making a name in the New Jersey music scene, and the singer-songwriter has continued to release music since 2007. The Montclair native has provided his live performance to audiences for years and has become a veteran to stages of the Northeast. Smith’s extensive experience …

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Joshua Worden: Into Fog

Proudly Atlanta-based is Joshua Worden, an indie/electronic artist and producer who takes being a solo act very seriously. On top of writing and arranging his own music, Worden also records all of his tracks in his home studio. His ambition alone is astounding, his professionalism quite something else; his latest …

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Familiar Looking Strangers: Familiar Looking Strangers

British rock quintet Familiar Looking Strangers seem to be keenly aware of the musical shadow cast by their hometown of Liverpool, and with the exception of one band member’s questionable haircut, they are careful to draw no obvious comparisons on their eponymous debut. Familiar Looking Strangers is an EP filled …

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The Last Bison: VA

Allow me to clarify how to pronounce The Last Bison’s new album, VA: Don’t pronounce it literally, but rather like Virginia, which is what the abbreviation stands for. The name is fitting considering the deep roots the record has in Virginia. A band of seven members that consist of …

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Sinead O’Connor: I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss

I’ll be honest, I’ve never listened to ‘90s songstress Sinead O’Connor until now. In a way, I think that gives me an advantage as a listener and critic; I’m not listening to her as a loyal fan, so I can say impartially that her latest effort, I’m Not Bossy, I’m

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Ruby Fray: Grackle

The funniest part of Ruby Fray’s music is how Emily Beanblossom, the musician behind the project, responds when asked to describe her music. The sound has been given a range of descriptions: witchy chamber folk, psychedelic witch wave, witch ghost folk-pop-rock. Transitioning between farm life and city life multiple times, …

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