In Memoriam: Charles Edward Anderson “Chuck” Berry – 1926 – 2017

E=Mc2 – Albert Einstein


Rock and Roll – Chuck Berry


Chuck Berry invented rock and roll.

Whatever it was before him, some analogous, coagulated pre-form that would come to be known as rock and roll, is ultimately irrelevant in the hands of Chuck Berry, because as a cultural, iconic, …

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New Year’s Eve 2010

Sick of the standard champagne and party hats? Well, pop on over to one of these locales and have more fun this New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re into Maroon 5 or Chuck Berry, there’s a way to ring in the new year for everybody. We’ve compiled a list of fresh …

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Local Noise: Pat DiNizio

“Because that’s what I do. I play, and I write songs,” explains Pat DiNizio, visionary and renaissance man of the Smithereens, about his upcoming weekly residence at The Crossroads in Garwood. “I like the idea of having a weekly gig. It keeps me sharp. And it provides some respite for …

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Chuck Berry: Rock And Roll Into The New Year

Chuck Berry
Rock And Roll Into The New Year
By Alycia Abreu
Even at 83 years old, Chuck Berry is still bearing his soul on stage with his guitar. This rock and roll legend has been all over the world and has countless hits such as “Maybelline” and “Johnny B. …
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