SIN/The Battle of Los Angeles/Schism @ Dingbatz

On March 3, Dingbatz hosted a sensational celebration to the ’90s with three spectacular tribute bands playing covers of the three giant bands that represented the musical highpoint of that decade.



Starting early, but well-prepared, lead vocalist Byron led NIN cover band, SIN, in a 10-song set, starting …

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God Forbid: The Road Is Calling

With an itch to get on stage again after spending time in the studio, God Forbid is looking to make their mark this year by playing as many shows as possible. Already the quintet has two shows booked, one in NJ and one in Brooklyn, so there is no reason …

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Interview with Alex Kouvatsos from The Gift Of Ghosts: Modern Builders

While some of us are just getting used to the idea that a new year has begun, The Gift Of Ghosts haven’t had time since the ball dropped to pause and reflect back on the passing days. Spending time in the studio and living in a routine of band practice …

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North Jersey Notes Updates

I was recently contacted by Deathrash bassist Pat Burns who told me in an email that the band, a thrash metal outfit from the mid-1980s, will be playing their first show in 20 years at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ, on Friday night, Jan. 16. The show will be recorded and …

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