Cocksure: TVMALSV

Lovers of old-school industrial who are waiting for a modern, novel reinterpretation of their genre will find TVMALSV by the irreverent band Cocksure to be right up their proverbial alley. Brainchild of Chris Connelly (KMFDM, Ministry, Pigface, Revolting Cocks) and Jason Novak (Cracknation and Czar) with guest appearance by Richard …

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Combichrist @ Theatre Of Living Arts

PHILADELPHIA, PA—Atlanta-based aggrotech band Combichrist performed at the Theatre Of Living Arts on Philadelphia’s famous South Street, the third stop on a 28-city U.S. tour that will cross the country and end up back in the deep Southeast in May.

The opening act, William Control, did an admirable job of …

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Art Series IX: Kaliyuga @ QXT’s

NEWARK, NJ—Number nine in the series of art and media exhibitions held every other month at QXT’s, Newark’s iconic underground dance club featured a fascinating array of displays. Curated by multitalented impresario Ben Faresich and his artist partner Nicole Zanetakos, who collectively conduct their operation under the title “Dactsaurylus,” this …

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The Sedona Effect @ R Bar

MANHATTAN, NY—Female-fronted Brooklyn-based dark electro band The Sedona Effect put on two screenings of their newly-released (January 2014) music video “Cross The Line” at the R Bar on Manhattan’s Bowery on a recent Thursday night to a large crowd of black-attired, dark wave fans. This band is the solo project …

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God Module: False Face

False Face was just released by this Washington-based horror-industrial band, their sixth full-length album. Originating in 1999 from Florida, God Module is a project of Jasyn Bangert, whose hissing, gasping, sinister-sounding vocals are the signature sound of the band—that, and relentless, furious electronic beats.

The first track opens with a …

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Skinny Puppy @ Webster Hall

MANHATTAN, NY—This was a very special Valentine’s Day for lovers of industrial music. The object of their love, Skinny Puppy, made this a most fulfilling holiday to a sell-out crowd of their fanatical metropolitan area followers.

The audience was surprised with a somewhat earlier-than-expected 8:50 p.m. start. The eerie and …

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Clan Of Xymox: Matters Of Mind, Body And Soul

What this, the 15th album by Dutch masters of darkwave, Clan Of Xymox, reveals is that they have evolved in several directions, through several turnovers of members since their 1985 debut and during the creation of some 14 studio albums plus countless singles and EPs. Here, they have come up …

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Combichrist: We Love You

Combichrist: The name implies a “punk rock messiah.” Their style has been called “TBM” (techno body music). In preparation for this review, I listened to the entire previous body of work of this Norwegian aggrotech band, now based in Atlanta, Georgia. Each album was good in its own way, worthy …

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Covenant: Leaving Babylon

Leaving Babylon is used to exhort Christians to leave the sinful world behind and to refuse to participate in political and social life. I would venture that Covenant meant some other variant of meaning. I will leave the interpretation to the reader/listener.

The title-track comes in two forms. As the …

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Psyclon Nine: Order Of The Shadow [Act I]

This San Francisco-based industrial/metal crossover band is back from a brief hiatus with a new album, released on Nov. 12. There are 13 tracks, almost strictly for those in the head-banging (if that term still has meaning) crowd who are willing to accept techno-industrial elements on the menu.

There’s a …

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