Steampunk World’s Fair @ Embassy Suites/Radisson

PISCATAWAY, NJ—The Steampunk World’s Fair was held the weekend of May 17 in Piscataway, NJ, and drew a crowd of participants large enough to fill two adjacent hotels—Embassy Suites and the Radisson—and any number of surrounding motels in the area. Steampunk, whether or not it remains under the mainstream radar, …

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Peter Murphy @ Webster Hall

MANHATTAN, NY—The godfather of gothic rock made the unlucky 13th stop on his tour of the East Coast, with eight more North American cities to go before heading overseas for another 20 dates in Europe and then returning to the States to perform at 12 West Coast venues. The theme …

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Chronologie @ Lillie’s Times Square

MANHATTAN, NY—The last Saturday of each month serves as the occasion for a gathering of the metro area’s lively steampunk community. The drinking, dining and listening event, dubbed “Chronologie,” is the brainchild of impresario Sir William Welles, who together with in-house manager Guvnor Michael Fratz, has been hosting the theme …

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Peter Murphy @ The Wick/The Well

BROOKLYN, NY—The last stop on Peter Murphy’s tour was at The Wick/The Well, an outdoor courtyard surrounded by towering brick monoliths and industrial warehouses in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn. As you enter the interesting venue, you pass through a semi-indoor bar area, where drinks are served in slum-style plastic …

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BlkVampires @ Dingbatz

CLIFTON, NJ—The last time I attended NYC’s famous goth music revue, Incantation, I arrived too late to hear BlkVampires, who were just breaking down after their performance. Something special about them struck me. It may have been either the gruesome costumes of the band members or possibly their stunning female …

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Wave-Gotik-Treffen @ Various Venues

LEIPZIG, GERMANY—A few years ago, there was a movie called Memento. The premise of it was that the protagonist had suffered a head injury, leading to loss of the function of short-term memory. He could only hold on to information for a few seconds after learning something, so he …

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Jane’s Addiction @ Wellmont Theatre

MONTCLAIR, NJ—These founding forebears of alternative rock, Jane’s Addiction, icons for a quarter-century of some of the most original, transgressive and explicit performance art, made their stop in Montclair, fronted as always by the semi-demonic Perry Farrell, to a sold out and mesmerized New Jersey crowd. The show was billed …

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Interview with Glen Phillips from Toad The Wet Sprocket: In And Out Of The Mainstream

Modern rock. Alternative rock. Indie Rock. No band epitomizes those terms or is a better representative of the breakaway style of music that spanned the two decades that straddle the year 2000 than Toad The Wet Sprocket.

Starting out in the ‘80s as a high school garage band in the …

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Social Distortion: Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes

This newest album by the resurgent ‘80s “punktry” group Social Distortion comes in two versions, regular and deluxe, the former containing 11 and the latter 14 songs.

Times and styles change, and bands themselves evolve. Frontman Mike Ness has forged a solo career, and this album reflects his delving heavily …

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