North Jersey Notes: Farehaven, Killcode, Wildstreet and more!

FAREHAVEN–Cincinnati, OH

Yes, I know, I know! Cincinnati, Ohio is nowhere near North Jersey, but my lawyer recently sent me a press kit of a new band he’s working with, and I actually thought they were pretty good. In fact, I’d love to see these guys perform in the NJ/NYC …

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North Jersey Notes: Little Devil, Filter Effect, Scarlet Carson and More!

I was recently on ReverbNation, scouting out the talent in North Jersey, when I found a great little rock band out of Warren called Little Devil. Now, there’s an easy, commercial name that’s never been used before! Anyway, while I was on their page,, I …

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North Jersey Notes: King Hell!, Kosmic Daydream, Filter Effect and More!


Who said that theater rock was dead? If it is, nobody told the guys in King Hell! from New York City. I came across these guys on, and at first glance, they looked like they jumped out of the pages of a DC Comic. One …

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North Jersey Notes: Downcast Theory, Filter Effect, Antigone Rising and More!


Well, it took me until June to find my favorite local band this year! My bud, Jerry Sullivan turned me onto this great band out of Monroe, NJ called Downcast Theory, and from what I’ve heard so far, I am obsessed with these guys. …

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North Jersey Notes: Process Of Fusion, Steve Bello And More!


Usually, I don’t take referrals from Dave Incognito from Incognito Theory. Let’s face it: the guy has poor taste in music. Then again, he did like every band that I was in, so I might need to rethink that last statement. Anyway, I received an …

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North Jersey Notes: Doomsday Prophecy, Filter Effect, Steve Bello & MORE!


I recently stumbled across a great North Jersey metal band that I thought I featured, but it turns out that I never featured them, which makes me wonder how some of these bands slip through my fingers sometimes? Anyway, the band that I found is …

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North Jersey Notes: The Zombie Mafia, Christa Renee, Evan Toth And More


Sayreville, NJ

One band that maybe I should’ve featured around Halloween was a band called The Zombie Mafia. I found out about these guys through Joe and Crystal Cattano down at Aarius Studios in Sayreville, NJ, when Joe and Crystal featured them on one of their …

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North Jersey Notes: Cecilia Celeste, Jersey City, NJ

Kieran Sullivan, from the band Cecilia Celeste, recently emailed me because he felt that good things were happening for his band, so he figured he’d enlighten me. I decided to give Cecilia Celeste a listen, and by the way, this name is so deceiving! I assumed that the band …

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North Jersey Notes: Thank You Scientist

I recently received a text message from my bro, Luke “DJ Cloak Dagger” Rizzo, brother of Soulfly guitar wiz Marc Rizzo, informing me that he’s hosting another one of his Metro Art Expos at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ. The Metro Art Expo was created by Luke back in 2008 …

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North Jersey Notes: Fiakra, Freehold, NJ

My girlfriend and I were getting gas at a WaWa in Freehold, NJ, one night and I heard the gas attendant listening to some pretty good metal, so I asked him who he was listening to. He told me that it was his band. Turned out, he was the drummer …

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