North Jersey Notes: Scarlet Carson & More!


I found an amazing band out of Toms River, NJ that could possibly be the next big rock band to come out of Dirty Jersey. They’re young, they have a great look and their music is extremely rock radio-friendly! The name of the band is Scarlet

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North Jersey Notes: Last Red Ember, Jackson, NJ

I just received an email from Nick Dowe of the band Last Red Ember asking me to check out his band. Of course I will check out any band that has the balls to ask, so, I logged onto the link that Nick sent me to Last Red Ember’s Reverb

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North Jersey Notes: The Briar Patch, Rutherford, NJ

I recently received an email from avid North Jersey Notes reader, Johnn Ventimiglia, telling me that he loves reading the column and that he appreciates that I keep readers like him updated on new bands on the Jersey music scene. Well, thank you, Johnn, for reading every week! That wasn’t …

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North Jersey Notes: Ghost And The Big Sky, West Caldwell, NJ

I recently received an email from Ghost And The Big Sky guitarist, Patrick Bitbol, warning me about a CD package that he was mailing to me at The Aquarian offices. Unfortunately, I haven’t been up to the offices in a while, but I wanted to give Patrick’s band a listen. …

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