Album Review – HAIM – Something to Tell You (Polydor)

HAIM were an unexpected delight in 2013 with their debut album, Days Are Gone. That album was an unabashed love letter to rock music of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, with HAIM being able to up the ante by incorporating vocal effects, synthesizers, and electronic drums into the …

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Haim: Sister Act

This past summer, Mumford & Sons hand-selected Haim, the Los Angeles ensemble consisting of three sisters, to join them on their upcoming tour. This February, the girls will be returning for more local performances. When the sisters were still little girls, their parents decided to form a family band, …

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HAIM: California Girls

HAIM are three sisters from Los Angeles who might oddly remind a passerby of an inverted Hanson, and from the sound of things, they could reasonably climb to similar heights—they’re about as likely to get stuck in your head, like it or not. The small batch of tracks they’ve been …

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