An Interview with Brandon Boyd of Incubus: Not Skipping A Beat / Undefeated

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Let me start by asking you a question: Have you ever dreamt about what you would say to your favorite band if you had the chance to speak with them? Naturally, we all have. As a journalist, sometimes these opportunities get to come to life, no longer figments …

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An Interview with Incubus: It’s Only A Trust Fall

Sometimes in life, there are people who catch your interest right away. Other times it’s hobbies, sports, friends, or even music. In this case, for me, there is a certain band that has been active for over 20 years that has always been my number one, no matter what. This …

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Interview with Brandon Boyd: The Muse Inside

The phrase “in your dreams” is typically relegated to describing one’s hopes or ideals, but implicitly discounts the possibilities of reality—that is, unless you’re Brandon Boyd.

The soon-to-be 38-year-old artist and Incubus frontman released his second solo album, Sons Of The Sea, last fall, and is touring the U.S. …

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Incubus: HQ Live

Last summer, alternative rock quintet Incubus marked their 20th anniversary as a band. To commemorate the occasion, the band rented out a gallery in downtown Los Angeles and invited their fans—some of whom traveled across the country—to an intimate performance and special celebration of music, artwork and imagination. The captured …

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Interview with Incubus: Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Early in the ‘90s, musical geniuses and masterminds congregated to establish what would become a pivotal time for rock and alternative music. In Calabasas, CA circa 1991, a handful of California dudes picked up their instruments and initiated Incubus, a now multi-platinum selling five-piece band that is co-headlining day one …

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Your Ultimate Guide To Bamboozle 2012! (Friday And Saturday)


Aer is the Wayland, MA, combo of David von Mering and Carter Schultz. Together, they mix smooth guitars with solid raps to make one catchy sound. For the last couple of years, they’ve been busy performing at colleges and other sold out venues all over the East Coast and …

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Incubus Interview With Brandon Boyd: Reenergizing The Past, Present And Future

Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd didn’t really need to discuss how his group’s latest release, Monuments And Melodies, a greatest hits collection, charted at the number five position on the Billboard Top 200. Although that type of quantified adoration would delight any singer, Boyd seems more attuned to the messages …

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