An Interview with Joe Satriani: Parallel Journeys

Guitar wizard Joe Satriani has experienced an intense year of both reflection and evolution. Last spring he unleashed one of the best albums of his career, Unstoppable Momentum, for which he is currently on the second half of a world tour, and he just released the book Strange Beautiful

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Interview with Chickenfoot: Finding Their Feet

They say that the third time’s the charm, though Chickenfoot III is actually the second studio album from the supergroup ensemble starring frontman Sammy Hagar, bassist Michael Anthony, guitarist Joe Satriani and drummer Chad Smith. But one could say it is the third stage of their development. Following their solid …

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Interview with Joe Satriani: 2010 – A Modern Guitar Odyssey

Six-string master Joe Satriani resides in an unusual place in the music industry these days. At a time when the divide between gold and platinum selling artists and cult musicians is widening, the middle tier has been eroding, but the Long Island native has managed to maintain his position there …

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Joe Satriani: Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards

Satch has really come a long way as a musician. I know it’s a weird thing to say about a guy who could quit guitar for 10 years and still probably outplay me even if practiced every day for that long. To say that he is way better than he …

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Interview with Tosin Abasi from Animals As Leaders: Caged Beast

Instrumentalism has long been a haven for progressive and experimental musics. By casting off the confines of vocally-driven styles, guitar virtuosos like Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Eric Johnson have long used the genre as a palette on which to test their physical limits, the constraints of their …

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