Beer Trails: Freaktoberfest Kicks Serious Ass

An eclectic array of hardened beer enthusiasts converged at popular Park Slope, Brooklyn, music club Southpaw to try some of the best offerings ever available under one roof. From the righteously stylized to the diligently experimental, Freaktoberfest 2011 had something for everyone this breezy Friday evening. Trendy Black IPA’s and …

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Beer Trails: Hoboken’s Pilsener Haus & Biergarten Takes Off

Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part. Cutting through red tape and getting local politicians onboard for a new venture could cost many young entrepreneurs the chance of a lifetime.

It may’ve taken three motivated European immigrants two-and-a-half years to finally get clearance for Hoboken’s first ever biergarten but it …

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Interview with Peter Morén from Peter Bjorn and John: Good Enough To ‘Gimme Some’

In a fair world, seasoned Swedish trio, Peter Bjorn and John, would’ve been big pop stars. An eclectic combo fashioning engagingly melodic hook lines with a keen eye looking towards rock and roll’s glorious past, these versatile Scandinavians bounce between various familiar contemporary styles while stuck just outside stardom’s short …

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Beer Trails: Hunterdon Distributors Liberate Jersey Beer Market

Right at the inception of New Jersey’s historic craft beer movement in 1996, just as brewpubs were popping up everywhere, two local beer enthusiasts boldly attempted to change the buying habits of mainstream Garden State consumers. Like most eager entrepreneurs, the daring duo struggled to make ends meet while trying …

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Beer Trails: South Jersey, North Philly And Lancaster Welcome New Pubs

New brewpubs keep popping up all over Pennsylvania and Jersey. During a mid-July sojourn through sun-drenched Philly and beyond, I took in a few new drinking establishments.

While Manheim’s sylvan JoBoy’s embraced thrifty conventionality, the other three pubs let their freak flag fly. One freshly franchised Jersey public house, a …

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Interview with The Hollow: Jersey Breakouts

In a universe filled with underachieving slackers, one of New Jersey’s best straight-ahead rock bands continues to gain recognition and widen their audience while each individual maintains a separate professional career outside the music industry. Taking their moniker from an early ‘90s Morristown hangout where kids bought dime bags (and …

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Beer Trails: Iron Monkey’s Yards Night Under A June Moon

JERSEY CITY, NJ—On a beautiful early June evening I finally got the chance to peruse the wholly revitalized Jersey City financial district at a highly praised drinking establishment founded when the craft beer revolution exploded upon the Jersey scene in 1996. Thanks to a much needed and overdue redevelopment and …

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Interview with Aaron Bruno from AWOLNATION: Serenades

AC/DC said, “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.” That adage rings true for many aspiring musicians. And the glorified metal stallions from Australia that coined it ought to know since it took ‘em six years, several albums and the death of their original …

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New Jersey Brewpub Guide



Located in a freestanding gold Mediterranean stucco building at Toms River-based Seacourt Pavilion, Artisan’s Brewery & Italian Grill is owned by the Gregorakis family and began brewing operations 10 years ago. Its dimly lit piano bar, tranquil dining experience, and private cigar lounge provide casual …

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New Jersey Breweries



Established in 2007, pint-size nanobrewery East Coast Beer Company offered its first beer, the robustly rewarding Beach Haus Prohibition-Style Pilsner, during 2010. Co-owners Brian Ciriaco and John Merklin, world-traveling technologists both of them, grew up during the late ‘80s craft beer movement …

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