Shoreworld: Looms – “How It Has To Be”

            Formed in the winter of 2012, Looms consists of Sharif Mekawy (vocals, keys, guitar), Harry Morris Jr. (guitar), A. Hammond Murray (bass) and Louis Cozza (drums). The group’s music is written around vocals and melodic instrumental arrangements with an evolving catalog that runs the gamut of song construction. Rock, pop, …

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Shoreworld: Rachel Allyn – Next Year’s Girl

Rachel Allyn is an Americana singer/songwriter making a name for herself through her powerful and expressive vocals, skilled songwriting, and engaging live performances. Her first two releases, Late Nights And Early Mornings and Do It Yourself, saw song placements in national television shows on CMT, the National Geographic Channel, …

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Shoreworld: Matt Duke – Singer/Songwriter; Dark City Entertainment

Matt Duke – Singer/Songwriter

You could say that Mount Laurel, New Jersey, artist Matt Duke is a pioneer. Duke was the artist that launched a relationship between Rykodisc and the Drexel College-based Mad Dragon Records. His 2006 record, Winter Child, was the linchpin that put Rykodisc firmly into the …

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Shoreworld: Moon Motel – The Lonely Romantic

I couldn’t count the number of late night drives I’ve taken in my life. From New Jersey’s backwoods, Jersey Devil single lanes, to the interstate monstrosities on the road to Los Angeles, the strange and lonely late night drive has always been a time spent deep in reflective thought.

Thoughts …

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Shoreworld: Chico’s House Of Jam Goes Jazz; David Mayfield Parade With Concerts In The Studio

Chico’s is best known for its national jazz and blues acts that stop in to wow crowds on their way across our great nation. Chico’s House Of Jazz was created by Charles “Chico” Rouse on behalf of his father, the legendary tenor saxophone player, Charles Rouse (Dizzy Gillespie, Billy Eckstine, …

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Shoreworld: Bebe Buell – Hard Love On A Saintly Pilgrimage

We have all read about the life and times of Bebe Buell. From her early beginnings as a Virginia girl turned supermodel in the Big Apple, to her years spent in the fast lane, racing through the music and social circles of giants. We have read the books about the …

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