Interview with Periphery: Innovation And Hierarchy

Washington D.C. native progressive metal six-piece Periphery are stepping into 2015 with a new album, off of Sumerian Records, under their belts. The dual release from the band, Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega, are two full-length concept records, only on shelves since Jan. 27. With several singles circulating on …

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Periphery: Juggernaut: Omega

Sharing the same day for a dual release with their album Juggernaut: Alpha, Periphery also created the seven-track Juggernaut: Omega. While Juggernaut: Alpha has a multitude of sounds and styles, Juggernaut: Omega has a very serious and heavy tone throughout its songs. Periphery’s musical variation is commendable, especially …

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