North Jersey Notes: Moth Eater

After seeing that half of one of my favorite local bands, Dirty Rig, was playing with NYC’s Killcode (Chaz and Tom), I wondered what happened to the other half of Dirty Rig. After much investigating, I tracked down former bassist Steve “Buckshot” Seabury and former drummer Dave Ardolina, and …

by   |  11/17/2009  |  Comments (6)

North Jersey Notes: Lamps Burning

My boy Christian from Split Vision used to sing for this band Lamps Burning out of Union City, NJ. Since Christian left the band, I haven’t heard from Lamps Burning. So, I decided to see what they were up to via their MySpace page,, and what did I find? …

by   |  06/03/2008  |  Comments (1)

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