North Jersey Notes: Legacy, Common Wealth, Incognito Theory and More!

An amazing young band from Freehold, NJ has raised its ugly head on the Jersey music scene and I’m really, really digging them. The name of the band is Legacy and I came across them when I started writing about the TRAPT show at the Stanhope House in February (see …

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Maria’s Local Radar: Legacy

Friends, family, and avid Local Radar readers, we meet again. It’s about that time we chat local music and everything in between. I recently received an email regarding an act I have never heard, and started swooning right away! They go by the name of Legacy—heard of them? If not, …

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Korn: The Essential Korn

It may have been just me, but I thought that the alternative metal band Korn haven’t released anything in years and if they had, it probably didn’t sell too well. Much to my surprise, it turns out to be the polar opposite. Their most recent album, Korn III: Remember Who

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