Shoreworld: Lisa Bianco; Spanking Charlene LIVE!

Lisa Bianco – Rock And Roll Momentum Till The Light Of Day

When I first saw Lisa Bianco live, she was a raw and intense performer on her way to something really good. She wasn’t quite there yet, but her songs were edgy, she had a rock and roll attitude …

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Shoreworld: Lisa Bianco – ‘Momentum’

Lisa Bianco – From The City That Never Sleeps To The Jersey Shore

Lisa Bianco is probably the East Coast’s number one most apt pupil. I say this because every time there is a workshop or an industry related show, I see her front and center intent on being the …

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Dan Duggins Benefit: Walking A Long Road

Come out and support a musician, teacher and author who is truly in need on April 22 at Clash Bar in Clifton, NJ. There is no other way to say it. Dan Duggins suffered a stroke on April 24 that left him in a “locked in” state. While he has …

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Shoreworld: Little Steven’s Big Score & Lisa Bianco’s Post Data

Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records has been stirring up buzz everywhere lately, scoring legions of fresh new fans with bands like The Chesterfield Kings, The Grip Weeds, The Urges, The Chevelles and now, from Norway, The Cocktail Slippers. The premier label for garage, grit and grunge, Wicked Cool Records …

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