Interview with The Raskins: Shooting For The Stars

When you see a photograph of Logan and Roger Raskin, a few words might come to mind: tough, rough and leather. However, you may be surprised to learn there’s a lot more to The Raskins than meets the eye.

Here’s some things you wouldn’t get from a picture of the …

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Mötley Crüe @ PNC Arts Center

HOLMDEL, NJ—“It has been written, ‘Those who have the youth have the future,’ so come now, children of the Beast, be strong and Shout at the Devil!” These are the famous words that lead into one of the greatest Mötley Crüe songs of all-time, and on this day, the ‘children …

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Summer Concert Guide: If You Only Go To 20 Shows This Summer…


Prudential Center, Newark, NJ

July 8

One of the more interesting concerts this summer is the return of the Seattle grunge band Soundgarden. The group was of the most successful acts in the ‘90s until they decided to call it quits while still on top of the world. More …

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Interview with Mick Mars from Mötley Crüe: 30-Year Mission To Mars

As most rock bands come and go, the world’s most notorious rock band, Mötley Crüe has remained a constant in the hard rock and heavy metal genre since 1981, when they released Too Fast For Love on their very own label, Leathur Records. Yes, if you do the math, this …

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Interview with Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach: Straight From the Heart

Papa Roach are the true underdogs of the modern hard rock scene. Despite the fact that they initially made their fortunes with nü-metal, they have grown into a melodic rock beast that is way better than what they started out as and is better than what many critics or fickle, …

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Interview with Vince Neil: Vice By Vice

A front man in need of no long-winded introduction, Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil has stepped from L.A.’s streets in the early ‘80s to world renowned fame and recognition as the band’s career has spanned over two decades, experiencing success, challenges and triumphs along the way. Deeply involved in everything from …

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CrüeFest 2 @ PNC Bank Arts Center

HOLMDEL, NJ—Let me start by saying that although most of you know how I feel about Mötley Crüe, I had my doubts about how playing the Dr. Feelgood from front to back would fare. For those of you who were at the PNC show, I don’t have to tell you—they …

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Rolling With The Crüefest

Maybe it’s singer Tyler Connolly from Theory Of A Deadman’s coiffed hairstyle that got them into Crüe Fest this year or it could be their alternative Daughtry-like rock music. Unlike other alternative rock bands, Theory Of A Deadman offers more of a hard edge with a loud, yet soothing …

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North Jersey Notes: Steel Panther

I know that my column is geared towards the North Jersey music scene, but I need to bring attention to a new phenomenon from the West Coast. On my recent jaunt to Las Vegas, my drummer’s wife, Kelly, suggested that we go and see this band that she saw perform …

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Motley Crue @ Madison Square Garden

For the average working man or woman, Mondays mean back to the daily grind after a quick weekend break. For me, this particular Monday meant that it was “Motley Monday”! Many of you who read my column every week know that I am a huge Cruehead! So, of course, it was only fitting that I accepted my invitation to attend the Motley Crue Press Conference at FUSE in the afternoon and then the Motley Crue concert at the Mecca, Madison Square Garden, later that evening.
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