Interview with Hellyeah: Vinnie Paul’s Band Of Brothers

One of my favorite drummers of all-time has always been none other than Vinnie Paul, whom we all remember as the power foot behind Pantera, Damageplan, and his current band, Hellyeah. Most of all, we remember Vinnie Paul as the older brother of late guitar hero, Dimebag Darrell, who is …

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Mudvayne @ The Webster

HARTFORD, CT—You kind of know you’re watching a show in Connecticut when an hour and a half after doors open the line to get in has barely moved. The Webster is a bit deceiving; I was expecting a Knitting Factory-sized place, maybe enough for 100 or so people, which had me wondering how bad Mudvayne did on record sales their last album out. Luckily they didn’t do too badly.
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Interview with Mudvayne: Checkmate

On their fifth release, vocalist Chad Gray, guitarist Greg Tribbett, bassist Ryan Martinie and drummer Matt McDonough have outshined themselves. Mudvayne’s intensity on The New Game is steeped in venomous rhythms, trance-inducing melodies, clearly defined riffs, and lyrics that readily speak to and awaken the mind’s eye. “A New Game” …

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Mudvayne @ Starland Ballroom

What happens when you cross a barrage of maniacal metal with a trippy alt-core juggernaut; some thundering and lightning-fast grooves; and an in-your-face, staccato attack? It’s the Masters of Horror, of course!

Bobaflex hightailed it out of West Virginia with influences like Queen, Wu-Tang Clan, and local WV bluegrass. By …

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Mudvayne @ CBGB’s

Factor into the equation that the first time I saw Mudvayne perform, it was July 2000, and the members were sporting painted faces (but not black metal corpse paint) at the height of the Slipknot copycat craze, performing for 20 minutes at Tattoo The Earth, the traveling tattoo tour that …

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