Interview with Mick Mars from Mötley Crüe: 30-Year Mission To Mars

As most rock bands come and go, the world’s most notorious rock band, Mötley Crüe has remained a constant in the hard rock and heavy metal genre since 1981, when they released Too Fast For Love on their very own label, Leathur Records. Yes, if you do the math, this …

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Sixx A.M.: The Herion Diaries Soundtrack

Motley Crue co-founder/songwriter/bassist Nikki Sixx is releasing a book this September based on his heroin addiction, depression, cheating death, and recovery. The book covers a year in Nikki’s life, which he kept in a diary that he doesn’t even remember writing. After making sense of all of his scribbles, Nikki …

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Motley Crue: Interview with Nikki Sixx

Are the days of hard rockers wearing lots of hairspray and makeup totally gone? Well, if you looked on Billboard’s Top 200 charts a month ago or even Pollstar’s Top 50 tickets sales, you might not think that those days were history! As it turns out, “The World’s …

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