North Jersey Notes: Secret Country—Newark, NJ

I love getting emails from bands saying, “Hey, Tim! Check us out!” You never know what you’re going to get! In the famous words of Forrest Gump, bands are like a box of chocolates, I guess. Well, I recently received an email from Jay Monaco from the band Secret Country

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Non-Fiction @ Dingbatz

CLIFTON, NJ—I try to come back to Jersey for special occassions so when I was told a few months ago that Non-Fiction was doing a get together I knew I was coming home for it. So, I bused my way in from Pennsyltucky with a bag of camera stuff and …

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Non-Fiction: Saucy Metalheads

It seems like every metal band who called it quits back in the day are getting back together. In the ‘90s, Non-Fiction were on MTV with their hit “Reason To Live,” and touring Europe, but their rock ‘n’ roll fantasies ended in 1994 and are now selling hot sauce online. …

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North Jersey Notes: Auraborus

Since the demise of one of my favorite local bands, Dead Letter Box, singer David Alexander and drummer Tony Ortiz have been laying pretty low working on their craft and writing new material. It was only a matter of time that they were going to explode right back onto …

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North Jersey Notes: Will Killmore

I recently ran into an old friend down at Factory Studios in Clifton, NJ. His name is James, and he used to play guitar for the band Thro. You might remember Thro because I’ve written about them in the past, and I also mentioned them when a couple of …

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