North Jersey Notes: King Kelly, STATE, Venus Vegas & More!


I recently received Facebook message from my bud, Alex Zadoroznyj, regarding his new band, King Kelly. I’ve known Alex since he was the guitar player for My Only Hope, my hometown buds—now known as Hollywood Kills. Alex is now playing bass for Clifton-based band King Kelly, …

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North Jersey Notes: Updates

I haven’t heard from the boys of Killcode in a little while. Well, until now, that is! The boys rocked the Highline Ballroom in NYC last week for the first time, but most importantly, my bro and singer Tom Morrissey told me that Killcode is currently in the middle of …

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North Jersey Notes: Natasha Komis, Sekond Skyn And More!


My boy Smitty from Zenergy Entertainment recently told me about a rocking female singer that looked like Nikki Sixx. Wait! Hold the phone! There’s a chick that looks like Nikki Sixx, who can sing? I needed to see this! Her name is Natasha Komis, and …

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North Jersey Notes: Passing Planets, Apefight, The Compulsions and more


A young band from Nyack, NY recently came across my plate via Yes, we do actually read those! Anyway, the name of the band was Passing Planets, so I decided to log onto the band’s ReverbNation page,, where I was able to hear a …

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North Jersey Notes: Sweet Cyanide, Trixter, The Compulsions & More!


I was recently turned onto another great band out of New York City that really, really tickled my fancy! They’re also becoming very popular on the newly rejuvenated NYC music scene. The name of the band is Sweet Cyanide, and they totally rock. One of …

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North Jersey Notes: Socratic, Angel Vivaldi & Thank You Scientist


I was recently asked to check out a band called Socratic from Linden, NJ. The band was not only very alternative, but they were also very good! I got to hear a few songs on their MySpace page, I heard a song called “May I Bum a …

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North Jersey Notes: Doomsday Prophecy, Filter Effect, Steve Bello & MORE!


I recently stumbled across a great North Jersey metal band that I thought I featured, but it turns out that I never featured them, which makes me wonder how some of these bands slip through my fingers sometimes? Anyway, the band that I found is …

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North Jersey Notes: Gentleman Thieves, Beatrix Kiddo, Q*Ball and more!


A few years back, I wrote about a band out of Central Jersey called Ecotone, because they were recording right next door to my former band at Tim Gilles’s Big Blue Meanie Recording studio in Jersey City. Well, the boys have grown up and changed their …

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North Jersey Notes: Hands On The Stereo, The Compulsions, Piston Driven and more!


Now, you can’t get any more North Jersey than Maywood, NJ, and when I came across Hands On The Stereo on ReverbNation, I felt that they would be a perfect fit for this column. They’re music was modern and at times anthemic, especially their song …

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North Jersey Notes: The Zombie Mafia, Christa Renee, Evan Toth And More


Sayreville, NJ

One band that maybe I should’ve featured around Halloween was a band called The Zombie Mafia. I found out about these guys through Joe and Crystal Cattano down at Aarius Studios in Sayreville, NJ, when Joe and Crystal featured them on one of their …

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