Interview with Revocation: Slow Build

Revocation first appeared on the heavy metal radar at large in 2009 on the strength of their Relapse Records debut, Existence Is Futile. First branded as followers of the short-lived “thrash revival” movement, Revocation, however, was imbued with staying power that lacked in their contemporaries.

The Boston-based quartet plays …

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Revocation: Annulment Of Norms

Revocation is a metal group straight out of Boston that has an unforeseen element of thrash that adds a unique flair to their uncompromising sound. Separate from other up-and-coming heavy metal bands, Revocation mirrors early metal’s thrashing guitars. The band is currently on a tour that Children Of Bodom are …

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Metal Skull: Wrapping Up 2009: Albums I Should Have Reviewed Already

It was a busy year, admittedly, and full of twists and turns I didn’t really expect. You know, sometimes you just go along and everything winds up pretty much like you knew it would, and sometimes the exact opposite happens. This was one of those years. But hey, you survive …

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Various Artists: Good Intentions: The CDs On My Desk

This series was written between Aug. 4 and Oct. 13, published in the weekly editor’s column, Deleted Scenes. Each page is a different installment in the series, so expect some time lapse and intertextuality as these pages go along. The headline pretty much says it all.

Let’s walk through a …

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