Brick City Sound Riot: Riot Together, Rock Together

Ghost Train PR and SpillPeak Multimedia joined forces to bring the Tri-State area the Brick City Sound Riot. Kilkenny’s Ale House will feature two stages to keep the constant flow of music going for the three-day music and arts festival that features some of the best new artists from …

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Killing Horse Records’ Band Showcase: Equestrian Conquests

Sampler platters with cubed cheese are always in, who can resist such simple delights? So, why not head over to Maxwell’s on Jan. 14 for Killing Horse Records’ first ever band showcase? Though, they’re only a year old, Killing Horse have already accumulated a tight roster with bands such as: …

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North Jersey Notes: Secret Country—Newark, NJ

I love getting emails from bands saying, “Hey, Tim! Check us out!” You never know what you’re going to get! In the famous words of Forrest Gump, bands are like a box of chocolates, I guess. Well, I recently received an email from Jay Monaco from the band Secret Country

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