Shoreworld: This Postdiluvian World – Rick Barry

Symbolism has always been an aptly wielded tool in the hands of Rick Barry. His research into the world’s history of human customs and tireless compositional forays into empathetic personal territories have resulted in the adoration and rebuke from more than a few converts on their journey to a melancholy …

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Shoreworld: Recovery Along The River – June 1; Linda Chorney Comes To Watermark – June 5

Nicole Atkins And Steve Forbert To Headline “Recovery Along The River,” A New Beginning In Neptune Township – June 1

It’s hard to believe that Hurricane Sandy happened seven months ago. For most in New Jersey, it’s an ongoing tragedy that keeps it much closer to the surface of things …

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Shoreworld: Full Fathom 5 – Tony Tedesco Talks Music, Mollycoddling And The Results Of Never Taking No For An Answer

Tony Tedesco will never win any citations for shoegazer protocol. When it comes to fashion and fitting in, he’s about as far outside the ring as one can get. However, that isolated location has the advantage in spades. It has allowed him to focus on music that naturally focuses on …

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Shoreworld: The Jersey Shore Festival; Leslie West At McLoone’s

The Jersey Shore Festival Breathes New Life Into Seaside Heights THIS WEEKEND!

Six months after Hurricane Sandy, many areas are still decimated. The whispers of possible failed summer seasons are rampant, and tales of hustling construction to prevent that event are neck and neck right now. I recently spoke with …

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Shoreworld: Chris Barry – Remembering One Of Our Own Through The Asbury Angels

If there is one main thing that anyone here at The Aquarian could say about the late Chris Barry, it would be that he was extremely passionate. Chris was adamant about the music scene, civil rights issues and freedom of speech. And he never had a “slow down” button, even …

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Shoreworld: Keith Kenny’s ‘And The Light Came Blaring In’; Mike Montrey Pays It Forward

Keith Kenny has never relied on the promptness of strangers and musicians. And while has used a band for several previous releases, on And The Light Came Blaring In, Kenny relies more on his lone power of compositional grit than his usual fret board grandeur.

On the creation of …

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Shoreworld: Moon Motel – The Lonely Romantic

I couldn’t count the number of late night drives I’ve taken in my life. From New Jersey’s backwoods, Jersey Devil single lanes, to the interstate monstrosities on the road to Los Angeles, the strange and lonely late night drive has always been a time spent deep in reflective thought.

Thoughts …

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Shoreworld: Helping Hands Joins Jersey Calling; The Live Debate! At The Saint April 19

Many people now understand that politics alone will never solve the woes of the community. The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is a perfect example of the bureaucratic “slow hand” reactions that people are incensed about when it comes to the big, rusty wheel of our federal, state and local government. …

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Shoreworld: Glen Burtnik’s Summer Of Love LIVE! – Count Basie Theatre – March 15

It’s been a long, cruel winter. Ever since Hurricane Sandy knocked us for a loop, the weather has been unforgiving in its constant bombardment of our coast. Flood-related repairs have been breathing at our neck for months and it’s driving people to the edge of sanity. But with the arrival …

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Shoreworld: EdTang – Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner

Ed Windas is a self-described sponge. Not in the way that many of our friends are when it comes to picking up their share of a bar tab, but in a good way of absorbing as much life knowledge as he possibly can.

Windas got his start as a fledgling …

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