Shoreworld: EdTang – Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner

Ed Windas is a self-described sponge. Not in the way that many of our friends are when it comes to picking up their share of a bar tab, but in a good way of absorbing as much life knowledge as he possibly can.

Windas got his start as a fledgling …

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Shoreworld: Aaron Lee Tasjan’s ‘The Thinking Man’s Filth’; Vextion Live At The Saint

Aaron Lee Tasjan – The Thinking Man’s Filth

Part Ben Bridwell soprano, part Jack White warble, Aaron Lee Tasjan is seeing his hard work and perseverance pay off. Co-writer of the world’s first “three-sided” single—how does that even work?—“I Believe In Elvis Presley” was co-written with BP Fallon, and was …

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Shoreworld: Mark Lindsay Records New Album In NJ; The Strand Theater Presents The Backstage Pass Series March 22

Mark Lindsay – Paul Revere & The Raiders Frontman Records New Album In NJ

Mark Lindsay is one of the original founding members of Paul Revere & The Raiders. His rock and roll journey has taken him from worldwide stages and studios to tv and the silver screen over the …

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Shoreworld: Asbury Park – Where Music Lives; Nick Offerman At The MAC At Monmouth University

Asbury Park – Where Music Lives – Rocktography And The Asbury Park Music Storyteller Series

Asbury Park has always been a city of bizarre surprises. The good, the bad and the ugly have all happened here. Like the uncontrollable ebb of the ocean’s tide, Asbury Park momentum has expanded and …

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Shoreworld: Lili Roquelin – Beautiful Sun

Lili Roquelin doesn’t take restrictions and limitations well. After realizing that Parisian industry fat cats favored local DJs over live performance, this Toulon, France musician left her homeland for the United States and pastures of unlimited possibility. It blows my mind to hear that a mere teenager had the personal …

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Shoreworld: Lance Larson At The Wonder Bar March 2; Boob-A-Palooza March 16

Lance Larson – The “Soul” Survivor Turns 60 – The Wonder Bar – March 2

Lance Larson has always been on the verge of greatness. His association with music was not some flash in the pan. From his devilish early days with his grade school band, the Spartans, Larson knew …

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Shoreworld: Aqueous At The Urban Nest Tonight; Musicians On A Mission; Kristen Driscoll At Gallery 13

Buffalo’s Aqueous Settle Into The Urban Nest – Tonight! Feb. 20

Drew Wajnert is a familiar face in the central New Jersey music scene. In a climate where most local promoters pounce on the mainstream Huckleberry schmaltz of the Jersey Shore sound, Wajnert prefers to take the less traveled road …

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Shoreworld: Dada’s 20-Year Puzzle; Bands On A Budget

Dada Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of Puzzle At The Wonder Bar Tomorrow, Feb. 14

Who can forget the opening D drone of “Dizz Knee Land?” That was the hit from Dada’s debut disc, Puzzle. Like other classic songs that withstand the test of time, “Dizz Knee Land,” along with …

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Shoreworld: The Valentine’s Day Massacre; Couch By Couchwest

The Valentine’s Day Massacre – Fetish Style

Valentine’s Day. That one holiday that puts as much pressure per square inch on a relationship as the depths of the ocean does on a submarine. Be dumb enough to show up unprepared and the pent up disappointment will come hissing in through …

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Shoreworld: Asbury Angels Walk Among Us; The Rent Party Live!

Asbury Angels – The Musical Sentinels Of The Jersey Shore

Asbury Angels materialized with the realization that many vital New Jersey artists, business owners, and musicians were slowly being forgotten. Like the time that had rapidly put their memory into the rearview mirror, these people, who were once part of …

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