Shoreworld: Wild Rompit & Patrick Slevin: Editor Extraordinaire

Wild Rompit-Stampede

The first thing I noticed about this group was their instant likeability. People were coming to me at clubs and saying, “Who are these guys? I really like what they’re doing.” And the reason that’s happening is because the band really has a genuine, fresh sound. They also …

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Shoreworld: Janet Labelle & Phil Petillo

New Jersey artist Janet Labelle is back and sharper than ever with her newest disk titled Moon Songs, a five song EP exploring the waters of pop tinged soul, girl powered alt-rock and the fire fueled world that she continues to light up. Janet was once the lead singer …

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Shoreworld: The Paramount Sessions & Rootstock 2010

The Paramount Sessions
@ The Paramount Theatre
September 5
Ever since Walter Reade inaugurated the Paramount Theatre with a showing of the film Wings on New Year’s Day, 1930, it has been synonymous with presentations of unique entertainment. Hosting everyone from The Marx Brothers to The Who, The Paramount Theatre …
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Shoreworld: 4th Annual Asbury Rock Stars Charity Softball, Kinderhook LIVE!

4th Annual Asbury Rock Stars Charity Softball Tournament

Aug. 28

Break out your dusty ball glove, sharpen those cleats and stroll out onto the field for the 4th Annual Asbury Rockstars Charity Softball tournament. I know August has been hotter than Mercury, but nevertheless, this is the place to be …

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Shoreworld: Susan Lisle Benefit, The Easy Outs & Best Buy Battle

Susan Lisle Benefit @ The Wonder Bar, Aug. 11

The reason the music scene survives is due to the superb people who quietly support this area year after year. They don’t ask for returns, and they come only to celebrate the life and excitement of the music. I’m talking about …

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Shoreworld: Big Light & Robert Dunbar

San Francisco’s Big Light recently swept into The Saint for a quick lesson in how to squeeze everything you’ve ever learned into your music and make it sound like you’ve done it in your sleep. From the beginning, the band stood way out as something extraordinary. Of course I had …

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Shoreworld: Tales of the Ocean Mile & The NJ Navy Appreciation Benefit

Asbury Park has been a bubbling cauldron of controversy ever since I can remember. Developers, residents, bar owners, locals, bands, artists and the constant news-making drama they bring to the table is way better than any reality show. I mean come on, the musicians vs. residents battle on Cookman Ave …

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Shoreworld: Freddie Fry’s Highway Brides

One of the cool things about writing for the Aquarian is that you get to hear a lot of really great music that doesn’t always surface in the usual commercial channels. New Jersey’s Freddie Fry fits right into that class with an unpretentious rock and roll style that might be …

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Shoreworld: Bebe Buell Live @ The Roxy

I had been talking about a trip to California for a while now. It usually takes me about a year of false starts before I actually go ahead and pull the travel trigger and this time was no different. But this time I made sure that I covered as much …

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Shoreworld: Jeff Beck Live @ The Paramount Theater, June 15, 2010

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the alien six-string virtuosity of Jeff Beck must be worth a hundred thousand different pictures of a musical journey through myriads of experiences. The legendary guitarist and 2010 Grammy winner is back in action with new management, a new label and …

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