Shoreworld: The Doughboys Live at Fort Dix and The Easy Outs

The Doughboys—Fort Dix—Live! Aug. 8

A famous troubadour once said, “You don’t get older, you just get better,” and this definitely applies to this longest lasting group on the planet. The Doughboys got their start in 1964 and have played bills with such acts as The Beach Boys, Neil Diamond, …

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Shoreworld: Creed and Status Green @ PNC Bank Arts Center

Creed-Status Green—The PNC Arts Center—August 16—LIVE!

You really have to give these guys all the credit in the world. In a time where so many great Jersey bands wander the musical desert wondering where their headed, Status Green moves in a direct line towards their own success, taking action and …

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Shoreworld: Linda Chorney Sessions At City Light

Linda Chorney—Sessions At City Light—Live! Aug. 4

One of the great things I’ve noticed about the music scene in New Jersey is that it’s constantly branching off onto different pathways. That’s not a bad thing. Asbury Park has the Live Nation events on waterfront, The Saint maintains acts over on …

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Shoreworld: Bebe Buell: Air Kisses For The Masses

Bebe Buell has been a star since she was a 10-year-old choir singer, moving fast from small town high school to the big world of fashion modeling and Playboy before discovering the lure of New York’s underground rock movement. Her tumultuous affairs with rock’s biggest names and the scene’s boldest …

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Shoreworld: Up And Runnin & Ready In 10

Up And Runnin’—Brother Where Art Thou? We’re In New Jersey

Up And Runnin’ is a four-piece group of two-horse town renegades that carry on the iconic mountain music of Bill Monroe (the founding father of bluegrass music) as well as Flatt and Skruggs, The Stanley brothers and many other traditionally …

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Shoreworld: George Wirth and Bess Rogers

George Wirth—Glimpses Into The Power Lines Sessions
You won’t catch George Wirth parading around town like the hordes of bearded pseudo renaissance men, insisting that you buy them drinks and bumming Marlboros from the even hipper fans. Hell, you probably wouldn’t even notice the guy unless you saw him on …

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Shoreworld: Southside Johnny, SICA

Southside Johnny’s Annual Extravaganza—The Stone Pony Summer Stage

Never ones to disappoint, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes returned to his Stone Pony stomping grounds on Thursday, July 2 to lay out one hell of a big show. And I do mean big. The Jukes were the first to break …

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Shoreworld: Greetings From Asbury Park: A Documentary By Christina Eliopoulis

Director Christina Eliopoulos is no stranger to film work. Her credits include co-writing a CBS documentary, The Wall Within, which followed five veterans recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and directing a documentary short, This Is My Line, that explored the power of art therapy. She has also directed …

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Shoreworld: Breakfast With Janis

Breakfast With Janis—The Paramount Theater—July 18

When I think of Christine Martucci, I always think of that hard living singer that manages to claw her way through the dirt and out of the backyard while ending up in the hearts and minds of the music world at large. From tender …

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Shoreworld: Cavalier Rose @ The Delancey / Main Man’s Powerage Tribute

Cavalier Rose—LIVE! The Delancey—NYC—June 17

I’ve been hearing a lot of good about this next band since they released their EP, Primary Colors, a few months back so after weighing the seductive offer of not having to drive into the city and unlimited sips of flasked whiskey, I jumped …

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