North Jersey Notes: Progressive Dementia

I thought that I’ve seen it all when it comes to live performances, but apparently I haven’t. A band called Progressive Dementia has recently risen its ugly head across my attention span, and just when I thought that Ape Fight was the weirdest band that I’ve ever met, in walks …

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North Jersey Notes: Cover Her Face

I recently received an email from Cover Her Face drummer, Jason Steiginga, wanting me to give his band a listen, or he wanted me to at least spread the word about his band. So, like I do with all bands that want me to give them a listen, I obliged! …

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North Jersey Notes: Our Black Friday

Ok, bear with me! No, you’re not going crazy! If the name Our Black Friday does look familiar to you, I did feature them in North Jersey Notes a few months back. Well, since that feature, the band has reunited with their former singer Eddie Territo, and it seems positive …

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North Jersey Notes: Daredevil Squadron


The Aquarian’s own Patrick Slevin recently turned me onto this band out of Brooklyn, NY. The name of the band is Daredevil Squadron, and I think they are awesome! They only had three songs posted on their MySpace page, “Forgotten Son,” “Black Lounge,” and “Out …

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North Jersey Notes: Damn Glad (Jersey City, NJ)

I recently got a message on MySpace from Matt Kurzban, guitarist for a band called Damn Glad, asking me to check out his band. So, I did, and I thought that they were a pretty good rock band. Musically, the riffs rocked and the hooks were catchy—a great recipe …

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North Jersey Notes Update: Split Vision, Apathy, Ten Feet From Murder, Charetta

After playing an unbelievable show at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ, last weekend, I have tons of news about some of the bands involved! First off, my bros from Split Vision have finally posted some more new songs off of their long-awaited upcoming EP on their MySpace page, …

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