Inked Out: Hydravolve Studios — Somerdale, NJ

I was driving home from an engagement party one Saturday afternoon on the White Horse Pike, which is a direct route to my house, when my wife noticed a tattoo shop tucked away in this little strip mall. We noticed the place because there was this monster sitting on the …

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Inked Out: Horitoshi I

For those of you who have been to Mario Barth’s Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth, or any tattoo show on Earth for that matter, you would know that one of the main attractions at these conventions is usually the booth where the Tebori tattooing is taking place. What is Tebori …

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Inked Out: Sacred Tattoo


Having to celebrate Chinese New Year’s in Chinatown this year with my family, I had the opportunity to walk through the streets of downtown Manhattan when I went from the parking garage to the restaurant. What I didn’t expect to find on my way through Broadway …

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Inked Out: No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo

PHILADELPHIA, PA—On a recent visit to the City of Brotherly Love, I came across a beautiful storefront that stood out compared to the other shops on South Fourth Street in Philadelphia. The place had Hawaiian décor that can lure anybody in out of mere curiosity. And it sure as hell …

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Inked Out: Dark Child Tattoo

DARK CHILD TATTOO—Port Jefferson Station, NY

I was visiting some family in Long Island during Labor Day weekend when we happened to drive through Port Jefferson Station. This was when my eyes focused on a sign that read ‘Tattoo.’ Always willing to oblige my obsessions, my lady friend suggested that …

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