Shoreworld: The Catholic Girls – Somebody Better Get A Room

The Catholic Girls were born when schoolgirls Gail Petersen and Roxy Andersen put their guitars together to form the first all-female band from New Jersey that would be signed to a major label. With Doreen Holmes on drums, The Catholic Girls released an album on MCA both in the USA …

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Shoreworld: The Catholic Girls – Kiss Me One More Time

Like many who know this next Shoreworld band, I got my first listen through The Aquarian’s own Chris Barry. It’s hard to fathom that it’s been some 10 years since Chris disappeared into the world beyond, but his rock and roll legacy lives on and his writing includes some …

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Shoreworld: The Catholic Girls – Exposed At The Confessional Altar Of Rock And Roll

The Catholic Girls have long been New Jersey’s most underrated purveyors of poppy, punk new wave. This is a band that you could say actually practiced what they preached. The group started with a chance encounter between Gail Petersen and Roxy Andersen. The girls were attending real life Catholic school …

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