An Interview with The Ocean: Permanence

Few modern metal or progressive acts approach writing an album with the foresight or ferocious devotion to conceptualizing music than Germany’s The Ocean Collective. Led by visionary, lyricist and guitarist Robin Staps, The Ocean’s latest effort, Pelagial [released April 30 via Metal Blade], an aural journey from the surface to …

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Top Ten Albums Of 2010, According To Our Writers

This was the most picked record from our writers. Click through to see what else we liked.

Daniel Alleva

1. The Arcade Fire/The Suburbs/Merge

2. Interpol/Interpol/Matador

3. Deerhunter/Halcyon Digest/4AD

4. Deftones/Diamond Eyes/Reprise/Warner Bros.

5. The Futureheads/The Chaos/Nul Records

6. Vampire …

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