From The Console: Music In 3D

Architekt Music

Simply having a room big enough to play in is one of the first dreams any musician has, let alone a place to record a legitimate-sounding record. So when a couple of Morris County-based 23-year-olds open up their own state-of-the-art recording studio/130-capacity live venue/conservatory in the year 2010, …

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Local Noise: West Gate

There are plenty of rock ‘n’ roll headstones in the Garden State bearing the genre ‘metal.’ Or at least ‘hard rock.’ New Jersey has a lot of growing boys influenced by all manner of aggressive music, and it’s no surprise that many of them could use a lot of work. …

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North Jersey Notes: West Gate

I found a pretty cool band on Dingbatz’s website, of all places, recently. The name of the band is West Gate, and they’re a hard rock band out of South Orange, NJ, who without a doubt has the chops to run with the best on the North Jersey music …

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