What It Do: Truth Will Out

Politicians—successful ones, anyway—have an uncanny ability to hide their dark side from the public eye. Whether you’re talking about a megalomaniacal bully like Chris Christie or a narcissistic grifter like former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, their public personas are carefully crafted to obscure the true nature of the individual holding …

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What It Do: Traffic

The recent net neutrality decision by the Appeals Court in D.C. has sparked a fair amount of concern among people who believe the internet should remain the open platform it is today. For those that missed what it was all about, the court vacated the FCC’s Open Internet Order, arguing …

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What It Do: I, Human

In I, Robot, the 2004 movie based on the work of science fiction author Isaac Asimov, the antagonist, a super-powerful artificial intelligence system, determines that in order to follow the first “Law of Robotics”—that a robot must never harm a human being or, through inaction, allow any human to …

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What It Do: American Dynasty

Last month’s controversy over the statements of Phil Robertson, one of the yuppie-turned-redneck stars of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, dominated the airwaves and the internet, becoming yet another proxy battle for the strange tribal antagonisms that plague our society.

Sarah Palin and her cohort sprang to immediate, outrage-generating action—apparently before actually …

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What It Do: The Payoff

The Facebook debate was annoying, but not entirely unexpected. After I posted the Mother Jones article referenced in last week’s column (detailing the aggressive rental property acquisition strategy currently being enacted by private equity firms), an acquaintance employed by the finance industry took offense to the article’s assertions.

His basic …

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What It Do: The Delivery

The housing crisis of 2008 wiped out a staggering amount of wealth, especially among minority and low-income Americans. Millions who had finally attained the multi-generational aspiration of home ownership and nominal suburban stability found themselves desperately clinging to whatever shreds of their lives remained, staying with family (if they were …

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What It Do: The Set-Up

During the financial crisis of 2008, a tsunami of home foreclosures—mostly from within the subprime lending market—caused seemingly apocalyptic toil among the financial markets, even causing the venerable investment firm, Lehman Brothers Holdings, to crumble into a cloud of bankruptcy and destroyed wealth.

For those unfamiliar with subprime lending, it …

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What It Do: Now We Here

The public education system, envisioned by people such as Benjamin Franklin and W.E.B. Du Bois, and built up during the 20th century into a genuine engine of upward economic mobility, has been wounded—mortally, in my opinion.

The aggressive testing regime introduced by No Child Left Behind and implemented by gangster …

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What It Do: Starting From The Bottom

Remember kindergarten? Coloring books. Story time. Finger painting. Paste tacos. Okay, that last one might have just been my experience, but you get the idea. It’s supposed to be about developing a child’s cognitive abilities, social skills, and creative impulses.

Unfortunately, the standardized testing zealots have sunk their pseudo-analytical little …

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What It Do: Dropping Out Part II – A Certain Degree

Last week, this space detailed my recent decision to drop out of college. The predatory nature of the financial aid apparatus along with the restrictive influence of arbitrary curriculum requirements convinced me that the university system was essentially just another hustle, and no longer worth my time and effort.

The …

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