Shoreworld: Willie Nile – If I Was A River

I first had the opportunity to write about Willie Nile with the 2009 release of House Of A Thousand Guitars. Although I had heard of him 10 years earlier, it was not until this particular project that I had the suitable vehicle (The Aquarian) in which to …

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Going On An American Ride With Willie Nile

Willie Nile is back with a kamikaze dive into rough and rowdy rock territories. For those who think, “Well, the guy hangs out with a bunch of Jersey icons, so it’s going to be that same sort of sound,” you will be way off the mark. Nile actually got his …

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Lucinda Gallagher Benefit: Legacies Live On

A two-night benefit concert series for Lucinda Gallagher’s children will be held at The Bowery Electric on April 29 and 30. On the bill for the first night of the series will be: Marah, Jesse Malin, Jimmy Gnecco & Dave Milone of Ours, Jim Boggia, Willie Nile, Aaron Lee …

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Interview with Willie Nile: Channeling Woody Guthrie Through Joey Ramone

From his tumultuous start to his present positioning as one of rock’s genuine troubadours, Willie Nile has kept one theme current in his life and his music. That theme is persistence. Weathering false starts and labeled expectations, Nile has powered his way into the hearts and souls of millions of …

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Union County Music Fest @ Oak Ridge Park

CLARK, NJ—Music festival suggestion: Make it free, and they will come.

Suburban New Jersey isn’t known for outdoor festivals, you won’t find Burning Anything here, but for Clark, host the Union County Music Fest at Oak Ridge Park, it seemed every music fan in New Jersey showed up to squeeze …

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Shoreworld: Willie Nile Live @ The Stone Pony, Sept. 26

One of the first things I always notice about great musicians is their lack of self-importance. It’s something that great surviving players just discard over the years, replacing it with the things that are way more important than the delusional trappings of stardom. Willie Nile is a prime example of …

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