Wire: Wire

Since their historical debut in 1977 with Pink Flag and the emergence of punk rock on their shoulders, London’s Wire have since been on and off the scene but always reemerge with a bang. They were also there during Britain’s music revolution of the new wave punk scene, right before …

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Wire: Tapping The Wire

Despite a few hiatuses and some changes in members, English rock band Wire has been influencing the music industry since 1976. Since their involvement with the punk and post-punk scenes, they have been steadily releasing forward-thinking, innovative music such as their most recent self-titled album. Wire is the group’s 13th …

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Interview with Wire: All About Change

As the 1970s drew to a close, punk rock had become anything but radical. This brought upon the dawn of post-punk, a genre that once again discarded the humdrum traditions of the past in order to bring about a higher standard of creativity. No band epitomized this approach more than …

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