Motley Crue: Interview with Nikki Sixx

That’s so great that you guys are getting along! I mean, I’ve been waiting for this for the past six years! It’s been six years since the original line-up was together, right?

Six, seven, eight…I lose count!

Yeah, you lose track after awhile, I mean, I was still following you guys through everything you did, even the Brides Of Destruction thing!

Sure, that was fun!

It was awesome! I mean, I think that you’re an incredible songwriter. So to me, that was awesome!

Well, thank you very much! Thank you!

I mean, I still went to every Crue show without Tommy! When you had Samantha Maloney from Hole sitting in and Randy Castillo, God bless his soul! But the first show I ever went to was the ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ tour back in 1987. That was the first show my parents would allow me to go to…


Dude, that show was unbelievable! But I’m sure that one was one tour that you guys don’t remember too well!

No, not too well at all!

So what can we expect on this tour as far as theatrics, drum solo, and pyro?

Well, you know what? We bit off a lot! And I guess that’s because we’re those types of human beings, but it all started because for years, people have always said, ‘You guys are like the freak show!’ And we’d be like even though it wasn’t a freak show, but just as human beings and our lifestyle and it was just like always sort of unpredictable! You know, with us it was to always expect the unexpected! And we’re goin’, you know, what do we wanna do for our show? And that was the first thing! It was like, you know, The Freak Show! You know, and it just kinda started with that and there’s a great show on HBO called ‘Carnivale’? And that sort of, you know, we’re like that’s kind of how we feel our life is! This dirty, you know, sort of carnival…Um, carney like a road cruiser. It’s just like traveling dirty under seedy, underbelly thing that is the carnival or is the circus! And there’s the show, but there’s the whole underbelly! We said bring the underbelly to the top! And that’s sort of where it all started.

And then we started saying that we wanted to have things that excite us like other performers as a presentation of different…Like we have a song Glitter’ that we did on Generation Swine and it’s just this beautiful, eerie piece of music, and we wanted to have a presentation of that that was different than a rock ballad. So, you know, we bring in, you know, a girl for kind of a ‘Cirque du Soleil’- type of, you know, creative people. And we’re having a fuckin’ great time! I mean, to be honest with you, we got fuckin’ midgets and people walking on stilts and people breathing fire and you know, bombs and video and I mean, I don’t even know. It’s just fuckin’ crazy! You gotta come and see it! I don’t know what to say! It’s a freak show!

I’m gonna see you twice on this leg!

Oh, nice! Which shows?

I’m going up to Hartford and I’ll be at Madison Square Garden!

Oh, nice! Hartford’s soon isn’t it?

Yeah, next Monday! Already took the day off!

Nice! I need to look at my itinerary. I was like, ‘I wonder when we’re playing Toronto?’ and someone goes, ‘Tomorrow!’ (laughs) I go, ‘Fuck! Cool!’

You guys are in Cleveland right now, right?

Yeah, I didn’t even know we were in Cleveland! laughs) When you’ve toured as much as me, you kinda don’t know where you’re at until you’re there! And sometimes, it’s not even that!